A Poem of A Sinner for The Sin Redeemer

I am a sinner

My hands covered with sin

My heart covered with sin

My mind covered with sin

My feet covered with sin

Not even a small part of mine free from sin.

Even when I was born, I’ve covered with sin

My heart longing to be freed from sin, my conscience screams to be freed from sin.

I’ve tried with all my might to free myself from all of the oppression of sin.

But, it is useless.

I am a sinner.

A sinner who long to be freed from all of the oppression of sin.

I walk through my days with a heavy burden.

I feel the burden in my life is very heavy.

Day by day I feel the burden of my sin is getting heavier.

Till one day when I bow my head down and silently my heart sighing.

My Lord, my Lord… I know that YOU are a loving God.

I’ve gone far away from You, my sin has oppressed me.

I think that I nearly die.

My heart feels so dry, as dry like in the middle of the dessert.

I think I am nearly die, I am nearly die.

I call upon your name once again in my heart.

I say:” I know that you died for all mankind to be their redeemer.”

And I also say:” But may be you did not die for me.”

I say that since I don’t think that I deserve to receive His Holy Blood to shed my sin.

I am defile with sin.

I have been unfaithful and has gone away from YOU.

I am sure that in your sight, I look filthy.

However, You look at how my heart and life has been a ruin.

You do not look at what have I done.

Your loving heart look at me on how much I needed the touch of your helping loving hand.

You called me by my name, and you say that You have died for me too.

I shock and amaze.

Nevertheless, I feel relive, and at once I feel that my life restore, my sin have been forgiven and freed from sin oppression.

My God, my Savior, My redeemer, I am very grateful to you and for sacrificing your holy blood for me who is a sinner.

Now, I am a newly born person who has been freed from sin, my new life will be to glorify your name.

I am very grateful for being freed from all sins.

My heart is filled with peace.

I give my life as my token of gratitude to you.

Thank you Lord, You have restored me with your amazing love and power.

Happy Easter Christ Has Risen…!

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